Is 20-years-old too young to get married?

Breakfast 28/06/2017

This morning George Breakfast talked to Sam, our 20-year-old wildcard who is gunning to marry his 20-year-old missus Georgia, at Bluesky Fiji, as our final Four Weddings and a Festival couple.

Questions included: 

"Are you guys gonna have kids soon or are you just gonna focus on raising eachother?"

And: "What do you make of the competition?"

i.e. Are you down for an open relationship??

We got some interesting answers... 

But Sam's got a good head on his shoulders, especially for a young fella. Check these these words of wisdom:

"They're saying (voters in the comments) that they're voting for the ones whose parents don't approve, because it's their lifestyle, they can do what they want, but they're telling us that we're too young... so it's kinda contradicting themselves."

Sam and Georgia are competing against two other couples and your vote could get them married - plus you could score yourself a trip to Bluesky. Yep, all you gotta do is vote and a trip could be yours. 

Listen to Sam's yarn with Breakfast below.