August 26th just got announced as the official date for McGregor vs. Mayweather

boxing 15/06/2017

Finally this superfight is a reality.

Yes. It's happening. After months of speculation, teases, beef, will theys or won't theys and cheap shots fired over social media...

Speaking of check out this dig from McGregor just yesterday...  

Tu Meke.

But no fucking around today, because the historic Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather superfight just got made very official.

It's on, August 26th, Las Vegas.

Okay maybe a little bit of fucking around..

McGregor took to his Instagram to announce the news via a photo of himself next to Floyd Mayweather Snr.

Cheeky bloody Irish. 

But you know this shit's legit when Mayweather follows up McGregor's announcement with this very official looking Tweet.  

Who's your money on?

McGregor's won 21 of his 24 fight, with 18 of thos victories knockouts. 

His three losses came by submission. Nate Diaz defeated him just last year. 

Meanwhile, coming out of retirement, Mayweather might be 40 , but he has an unblemished record of 49 wins.  

Meanwhile McGregor has become the first UFC fighter in history to hold titles from two weight classes. And damn, that man has some confidence. 

But if the clubbing scene has taught us anything, being a cocky mother fucker doesn't stop you from getting your face smashed in... 

And bear in mind, McGregor's never actually competed in a pro boxing match, now he's going up against the best boxer in the world. 

McGregor's the underdog. But Maywather hasn't found in six years...

One things for sure, as probably the biggest fight of the century, they're both going to walk away with the biggest pay cheques of their lives.