Two dealers busted with over $41,000 worth of drugs at Bonnaroo

Drugs 13/06/2017

Wow. That's a lotta gear.

Two lads who thought they could make some serious coin at Bonnaroo selling festival goers a fuckload of weed, magic mushies, molly, eckies and horse tranq have had their entrepreneurial dreams crushed by police.

According to a report by The Tennessean,  cops obtained a search warrant for a vehicle and discovered...

  • two pounds of marijuana packed in 58 bags
  • more than a pound of mushrooms packed in 138 bags
  • 11 pills of molly
  • 11 ecstasy pills
  • one bag with a half-gram of Ketamine


The two dudes were both were charged with two counts each of manufacturing, delivering, selling and possession of controlled substances.

This news comes shortly after another story of a man who was caught selling fake drugs at the same festival, who was claiming he was "doing God's work".