Find a bib stat, cause our Lewis Road/Pic's Peanut Butter ice cream review WILL make you drool

ice cream 12/07/2017

Pic’s iconic 100% peanut peanut butter has joined forces with our Nation’s sweetest pride and joy; Lewis Road Creamery.

Pic’s Peanut butter? Chocolate? Lewis Road ice cream? All in one mouthful...

This morning on George Breakfast, Clint, Kara and Tammy rated the shit out of this new, decadent delight.

Coming in strong with a 4.5 nuts out of 5, Kara's on team "It's reaaaal good." 

Tammy's on an "OMG, Next level," 4.9.

And Clint chipped in with a reasonable "couldn't be much better," 4.5.

But enough on what we think. This dreamy, creamy collab hits supermarkets today!

So, what the shit are you doing still reading this? Wipe up that drool, get in the car (or bus? or walk?) and hit your local Countdown right now!

Go on, fulfill you belly’s ultimate fantasy (that it didn't even know it had). Get this ice cream in your mouth pronto, thank us later.