This hot mama's response to rando telling her to 'put her f*cking tits away' is absolute fire

Boobs 10/07/2017

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things we do as humans. Not to mention it's been scientifically proven as the best nourishment for our babies... despite the thousands upon thousands of dollars poured into marketing baby formula.

Any mum who wants to breastfeed her baby, wherever she wants, even if that's on social media, is fine by us - just like it ought to be for the rest of the world.  

But one dickwad doesn't quite see eye-to-eye with that sentiment, and despite not even knowing hot mama Aimee Wood pesonally, he thought he'd send her a DM telling her to "put her f*cking tits away".

The 20-year-old mum reportedly likes to post photos of herself breastfeeding her daughter Nova on her social channels, in a bid to reduce stigma around breatfeeding in public (and to also celebrate and commemorate a special time in her and her baby's life).

So, she wasn't taking any of Rick the dick's shit, and responded with a picture of her flipping the bird while feeding.  

Then she posted the following: 

"I’d just like to point out to each and every person that my posts seem to bother, that there is a block button for a reason.

I will post 500 breastfeeding pictures a day if that’s what I wish to do. This is my profile, my daughter and MY memories.

I can share what I want and when I want, and if you don’t want to be a part of that then so be it, you will not be missed."

Unilad asked Aimee if she had any words of wisdom for young mother's who were embarassed about the sitgma surrounding breast feeding. 

She said: “Your baby needs your milk, not anybody’s approval.”

Yeah girl, stay strong and sassy.

Roisin Kelly
(AKA Ro the web girl.)