How old is too old to hit the clubs? George listeners discuss

Breakfast 13/07/2017

Have you ever caught yourself on the dancefloor, with dinner plates for eyeballs, boogieing your booty off at 3 in the morning, when suddenly - despite how shitfaced you are - this weird self-conscious feeling swoops in and kills your buzz, as you look around and realise you've gotten wasted at a kindergarten (albeit a very sexed up kindergarten with a penchant for chewing gum) ? 

Yeah, aging can creep up on all of us.....

So... How old is too old to go clubbing?

Well, a recent study surveyed 5,000 people and came to the conclusion that nobody born before 1980 should be hitting the d-floor and rubbing shoulders with the scantily clad, young and beautiful people of da clubs.

Ouch. That’s bad news for half the team here at George…

According to this study, age 31 was deemed the time to really re-evaluate your life if you were still partying hard in da clubs.

But 37... Yes, age 37 was reportedly the magic number where going clubbing went from 'still kinda a fun time' to 'completely tragic'.

One minute you're just another cool dude in a collared shirt with a love for tits, drugs and house music... the next your Gavin...  the oldest dude at R&V...

But is being Gavin so bad?

Is there really a specific age you should start feeling guilty about drinking/snorting so much you’re suddenly bellowing the lyrics to TLC’s 'Scrubs', in the girls bathroom with
four other chicks you met precisely three minutes ago?

Is there a point in life when the DJ drops a Soulja Boy throwback at Impala, and instead of embarrassingly attempting to twerk to your soul's content, you oughta just go home, drink a cup of tea and hang out with your cat?

George listeners THINK NOT. 

There was an overwhelming response on the text machine.

And the consensus was; that new study can go get fucked, cause age is just a number, and there's no such thing as being too old to party! 


Check out some of the texts below: 

This is why we love you guys. 

Any age is a-ok to party, just "don't be a creep". Wise words mysterious George texter.

And a big shout out to all you geriatrics who are still going hard on the dance floor.

Roisin Kelly
(AKA Ro the web girl)