This video will give stoners new hope for a weed-friendly government

Breakfast 12/07/2017

"The thing is right now there's a bunch of sick people, particularly people who have cancer, who are dealing with chronic pain, who are already using cannabis of some form because their doctors know it's really helpful for them - but technically they're breaking the law." 

"I don't think sick people should have to wait any longer to have legal access to affordable, safe cannabis products that are going to help their pain."

Green Party MP Julie Anne Genter put forward a misuse of drugs (medicinal cannabis and others) amendment bill that was drawn from the ballot last month, in parliament. 

She came into George Breakfast to explain what her bill means exactly, what is "medicinal cannabis" (it doesn't have to mean some weird pill) and how many people (and politicians) are supporting her.  

"Really, we're just catching up with the rest of the world."

80% of New Zealanders said they supported it, including 78% of NZ First voters, 75% of National voters. So, really, if those parties vote against my bill, they are voting against what their voters actually want.

Clint also asked questions around regulating the personal use of weed - For those of us who aren't real sick and just love smoking a fat cone.

Genter explained: "The Green Party policy is for a much more comprehensive drug law reform." 

"We'd like to see a much more evidence-based and health-based approach to how we handle drugs. Because really addiction and the harms associated with drug use are really health issues, and locking people up and putting them through the court system is not solving the problem."

Amen Genter. 

Julie Anne Genter, biggest GB in parliament? 

Roisin Kelly. 
(AKA Ro the web girl)