McDelivery and UberEATs have teamed up, which could inadvertently half NZ's drink driving rates...

McDonalds 18/07/2017

FROM TODAY McDonald's Greenlane and UberEATS have formed the ultimate McDelivery partnership. 

How fucking exciting.

Feel like ordering a celebratory steamy cheese right now, just because.

This Greenlane McDelivery is particularly huge news for those dirty, post-big night drink drivers, who get home and suddenly realise they forgot to get their Saturday night Hunger Buster with extra pickles and steamed buns, when they were out, then find themselves behind the wheel, cause: "Maccas is just round the corner... And nobody's on the road at this time of the morning... And I haven't actually drunk anything in an hour... I swear, guys, I'm fine. I'll be back with the nuggies and burgs in ten."

Only to lose their license for six months, get plagued with a permanent record, and live with the guilt and regret for the rest of their lives, (particularly if anything bad actually happens...)

Come on, we all know how bad it is, but we also all know someone who's done it.  

Although, maybe we shouldn't count our chickens (or mcchickens?) too soon, because starting out, this McDelivery/UberEATS tag-team dealio will only be available til 1am...

Just saying UberEATS/Maccas, this could be a real rookie move.

Not to suggest that that justifies drink driving guys. Drink driving (or drug driving for that matter) is always a c*nty move. 

We understand that sometimes our drunk brains can convince us to make very bad life decisions. But just don't do it. No Hunger Buster is worth that risk... 

And even if it's not 24-hours, this most recent UberEATS/McDelivery announcemnt is heading in a very positive direction... One small step for the Kiwi man, one giant leap for the Kiwi mankind. 

The official McDelivery/UberEATS press release explains:

"McDelivery via UberEATS will initially be available from McDonald’s Greenlane restaurant, with more Auckland locations set to be announced within coming weeks.

McDelivery will operate within a 10-minute delivery zone to ensure hot, quality food every time. Customers can choose from nearly the full range of menu items including burgers, fries, wraps, McMuffins, desserts and McCafé coffee.

McDelivery via UberEATS will be available from the Greenlane restaurant between 8am to 11pm, Sunday to Thursday and 8am to 1am Friday and Saturday."

Well. On that note, great news guys - Buuuut, fingers crossed we get some edible 24-hour delivery happening in New Zealand soon...  

Roisin Kelly.
(AKA Ro the web girl)