The exact times you need to get to bed in order to wake up feeling rested


Groggy mornings and bad sleeping patterns seem to afflict an awful lot of people these days. 

According to The Mirror, waking up and not feeling like a big ol' bag of dicks has more to do with your sleep cycles than how many hours you're actually getting. 

So, if you're a nightowl that gets summoned to work at 8am every day, you're actually less screwed than you might think.

REM sleep is probably not news to you, but understanding it and knowing EXACTLY when to get to bed isn't so easy. 


A blinds company (of all things) has come to the rescue with a magical sleep calculator that factors in your sleep cycles and the time it takes to get to sleep.

Punch in when you need to get up, and it'll tell you the latest you can go to bed and still get a good sleep.

If you're the kind of person who starts work at 8:30am, you'll likely need an hour to get ready for life and eat your brekkie, and then another hour to sit in traffic, so you'll probably get up around 6:30am... in which case you should go to bed at 9:16pm, 10:46pm, 12:16am or 1:46am.

If you only need an hour to get up and get to work and you're an 8:30am starter, your times are essentially the same as above but an hour later.. so, 10:16pm, 11:16pm, 1:16pm or 2:46pm 

Maybe you're the lucky sod who's scored a job that lets them sleep in until 9:00am? Your times are 11:46 pm, 1:16 am, 2:46 am, 4:16 am.

Or if you've got shift work or an alternative start time, check the calculator out for yourself right here.

Roisin Kelly.
(Ro the web girl)