Auckland club Casette9 paid Devast8 to shoot a fake cash gun in da club

Breakfast 15/08/2017

In exchange for a $50 bar tab, a promoter working for the popular Auckland club Casette9 asked the Devast8 face tattoo guy (AKA 19-year-old baby daddy Mark Cropp) to come in and shoot a fake cash gun in to the frothing crowd on Saturday night.  

The club's promoter, Alex Vine conceded that it was a "strange inquiry"  after Daily Mail Australia started hustling around for a story.

Strange inquiry? 

Props to Vine's promotional creativity... Life's a meme. For the luls. 

But the fuck have we all been sniffing? 

How is this guy now a celebrity? 


However, reports suggest a good night was had by all.

Vine told the Daily Mail: "It was quite intense, no-one was expecting it. Everyone started filming it."

So, maybe Vine was on to something?

Clint speculated: "maybe he's a hell of a hype man?"  

Listen to George Breakfast's full take on the devast8ing fake cash gun up top.

In other devast8ing news, Cropp is no longer getting his tattoo removed despite starting the process with Kingsland's Sacred Ink, free of charge.  

Probs worried the $50 bar tabs will stop if he loses his devat8 face cred.  

Roisin Kelly
(Ro the web girl)