An Auckland personal trainer has produced an RTD "fitness" vodka

fitness 17/08/2017

Image source: Pure Amino facebook
Content source: Concrete Playground 

Yep, "fitness" vodka is a thing.

Not even surprised.

Auckland Personal Trainer, Dene Flude has capitalised on all you "fitspo" fanatics who live on a diet of quinoa salad and brunch, spend more time posting photos of your reflection in the giant gym mirrors to your Instagram story than you do actually working out, and only drink Vodka sodas because you're watching your weight... Until you're ten deep, carrying your heels in hand, and shoving a Big Mac in your face at 3am on a Saturday morning of course.

But we don't talk about that...
Sorry. I digress. Back to the fitness vodka.

So, Flude is part the team at Pure Amino who have released a range of vodka based RTD's. They've marketed the brand using the words "Love . Inspire . Focus . Energy ."

And as much as that makes me wanna vomit in my mouth, it's true marketing genius.

It sounds like a sticker decal you'd find in a young, working professional's foyer along side a K-Mart shoe rack and a watercolour painting of a baby elephant.

Which is exactly the audience Flude will be gunning for.

Good news if the above sounds a bit like you, because the "fitness" vodka seems pretty legit. And as cynical as I might sound, I know you want to try them. 

You might be wondering "how exactly are they healthy"?

The vodka drinks are largely made of water, so they should simultaneously hydrate you while getting you drunk, they're both carb and sugar-free, they come with four "amino acids" and they are whey-based (which is much more health than your regular potato-based voddy). 

The Pure Amino website has the five-star rated raspberry flavour on sale now, and strawberry and coconut flavours are coming soon.

AND at 5% ABV, a twelve pack will get you just as smashed as a box of Cody's, only without the mad sugar high and for just a cheeky $15 or so extra.

Which is great, really, because millenials and rich hipsters actually LOVE spending $15 more on pretty much anything in the name of #health. 

Bravo Flude. Bravo.

Roisin Kelly
(Ro the web girl)