Conor McGregor racked up a $138,000 bar tab following his loss to Mayweather

conor mcgregor 28/08/2017

There's drowning your sorrows and then there's a $138,000 bar tab... Although 138 big G's is just loose change for a man who's made an estimated 138 MILLION from one fight (and the money's still pouring in).

The Daily Mail reports that McGregor and his entourage sunk $138,000 (NZD) worth of booze following his face pummeling from Floyd Mayweather.

Bets on McGregor feeling more than a little shady today.

The Irishman turned up at the post-fight press conference with a bottle of whiskey on hand, the start of a long night. 

Seen as his boxing rendezvous didn't unfold quite how he'd have liked, McGregor looks to have turned to whiskey as a new avenue to focus his notorious energy into. 

During the press conference McGregor expressed; "Notorious Irish whiskey coming soon. I'm going to take over the Irish whiskey market, and this is delicious."

After the press conference McGregor headed over to the Encore Beach Club, his Vegas local, and partied hard with his fans... $138 grand hard. 

That's a shit load of whiskey...  

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