Floyd Mayweather wins by TKO

Floyd Mayweather 27/08/2017

Floyd Mayweather has taken out the Notorious Conor McGregor. Here's the play by play reported live by Ben Francis over at Newshub:

4:56 pm: 
The two embrace in the middle of the ring.

McGregor: "Respect"

Mayweather: "You're a tough man."

4:53 pm: TKO win for Floyd Mayweather who is now 50-0. He lost the early rounds but used his experience and broke down a fatigue McGregor to claim victory. 

ROUND 10: Both fighters start the round with a hug of some sorts. Floyd lands three powerful punches and gets Conor on the ropes. Now the referee stops the fight!

It is all over!!! Floyd wins.  

ROUND 9: Conor McGregor comes out swinging in the round and traps Floyd in the corner and the referee stops and has a word to the UFC star. Now Floyd comes back with a few punches but they don't land. 

Now Mayweather traps Conor in the corner as he looks up at the clock and now Floyd senses the Irishman is fatigued as he continues to go backwards. 

He looks really gassed and Floyd knows it as he will look to go for the kill. Floyd wins the round and now the fight is his to his to lose. 

Don't be surprised if Floyd wins by KO next round. 

ROUND 8: Mayweather is swinging more and more and we are seeing McGregor moving to the ropes more. It is like a different Conor McGregor is out in the ring right now. Not the same fighter he was earlier.

He really needs to find that late burst of energy otherwise this will look quite one sided. The round ends with both fighters tangled up. 

That was another Floyd round. 

ROUND 7: Floyd is starting to block more shots but Conor keeps throwing. 
Now Mayweather lands a couple of strong punches and I think Conor felt them. He is starting to dominate the fight. 

The round ends and that goes to Floyd now. As McGregor continues to tire, Floyd steps it up a notch each round. 

ROUND 6: Floyd turns his back and Conor hits him in the back of the head and the ref allows McGregor to keep going.  Mayweather is starting to find his rhythm but Conor is being more aggressive. 

The fighters are staying in the middle of the ring more as they get tangled up again. 
McGregor is starting to look tired. 

The round ends with Conor connecting on a couple of punches. I think that round also goes to Floyd. 

ROUND 5: Both fighters are getting tangled early in the round but they just want to get on with it. Conor is holding his own in the round as both continue to get tangled up.

Now McGregor is on the ropes and throws a couple of good punches and now he is swinging more, but they get tangled once more and Mayweather is angry. 

At the end of the round, there was a shove by the ref on Floyd. hard to score that round. I'd give that to Floyd. 

ROUND 4: Floyd goes straight back to the ropes and McGregor lands some good punches. McGregor lands another strong punch and Floyd comes back with some powerful punches of his own.

Both fighters in the middle of the ring and Floyd continues to block and dodge. The round ends with both fighters trading blows. Floyd might have won that round. 

ROUND 3: Floyd goes back the same corner and McGregor throws more punches and is pinned for hitting the back of the head, but still, no point has been deducted.

McGregor hits the top of the head once more, but the refs told Mayweather to keep the head up. The Irishman continues to land some punches but Floyd still looks calm and composed while McGregor looks angry. 

The third round is over and that one I think will go down as an even round. 

ROUND 2: Back underway in Las Vegas. McGregor struts around the ring to start and Floy is back on the ropes on the corner and then the Irishman gets told about hitting the back of the head. Mayweather now throwing some punches but is looking cautious. McGregor remains to be the aggressor and lands a good one on, Mr unbeaten. 

McGregor keeps grabbing Floyd and holding him. Both fighters finish the round in the middle of the ring and McGregor wins that round I believe.

ROUND 1: Here we go! Floyd goes straight to the ropes and McGregor starts swinging. The Irishman is the one doing all the moving to start as Floyd just blocks. Now McGregor puts his hands behind his back and he is the aggressor early in the bout. 

Both fighters are now in the centre of the ring and both are throwing the odd punch. and throwing fakes ones too and that ends the first and that round goes to the Irishman. 

4:12pm: Mixed responce for Mayweather. 

4:11 pm: The crowd loves McGregor, but he is looking nervous. 

4:10 pm: Moments away now. This will be electric! 

4:08 pm: Not a big cheer from the crowd for the man who is 49-0. He still has his balaclava on. I wonder if he will fight with it on? 

4:07 pm: Mayweather comes out with a balaclava on his face. He looks like he is going to rob somebody, or mug somebody. Or is it a gimp suit? 

4:06 pm: The Irishman gets some cheers and some boos. He holds his hands to the sky and looks confident as he does his strut around the ring. 

4:05 pm: Conor McGregor is making his way out to the ring. 

4:02 pm: Both fighters look ready to go. The anthems are done. Should not be long now. 

3:58 pm: It is time for the national anthems.