NZ First are getting their balls busted after using an infamous porn meme

nsfw 29/08/2017

A New Zealand First (NZF) Facebook page has been busted for using an image from the infamous Fake Taxi porn series.

New Zealand First Wellington Central posted a photo on its Facebook page of a young woman in a taxi, with the question "Are you pulling my leg?" in response to the rhetorical statement "When National claims the current student loan system is working".

The meme was shared on Reddit, with users amused by the embarrassing gaffe.

NZF Wellington Central Campaign manager Jack Gradwell told Newshub one of the page admins "found the meme on another page and posted it without knowing the source".

Another site admin member subsequently removed it.

'Fake Taxi' is a well known trope in reality-style porn where a conversation begins between an actress playing a passenger and a driver, which ultimately ends in sex as a way to 'pay' for the ride.

The NZ First Wellington Central Facebook page, which consists mostly of memes, is authorised by the political party, and is intended as a place for members to keep up-to-date with party events

A media adviser for Winston Peters' office said it was party-run page.