Working mum Kara goes in on that ridiculous question Jacinda faced yesterday

Breakfast 03/08/2017

In case you somehow missed yesterday's media shit storm, that was Mark Richardson arguing that prospective employers asking women if they're planning on getting pregnant was a-ok, then getting aboslutely shamed by Jacinda Ardern... you can watch the full video here

As a working Mum herself, Kara had a few things to say on the matter.

"Me being a mum doesn't effect how I do my job. I came back to work when my daugther was three weeks old. At the moment I've got a seven month old baby at home. I do my job every day. Women all around the world have chlildren and then continue to do their jobs, and do them really well."

"And the thing is Dad's can stay home and look after the babies. Why does it... All a child needs is someone that loves him or her. It doesn't have to be the mum. Dad's can look after babies. But it's funny cause when dads are stay home dads they're these big, magical mythical creatures who are amazing because they've given up their career. But mothers do it all the time."      

Word Kara.

And in Jacinda's case, if she's the Prime Minister, she's going to be making a shitload of money...

"She could afford five Nannies if she wanted."

Kara posted to her Facebook and Instagram yesterday, highlighting her thoughts on the Mark Richardson-jacinda Ardern situuation, and also how here at George she breast pumps every day in the George studios, for her seven month old baby...

"If you've ever heard a strange noise in the background while listening to @georgefmbreakfast it was probably my breast pump. I pump milk at work everyday and I'm grateful that my co workers are very understanding and couldnt care less that I do it in front of them. I imagine many mums dont have such supportive workplaces, and that sucks but it's not surprising considering the biggest news story in the country right now is whether @Jacindaardern will be able to do her job if she decides to have a baby. Like she said, it's 2017, get your shit together NZ. Women all around the world have babies and continue to do their jobs everyday. Mamas can do anything! #whoruntheworld 
I was asked to write about my experience by @totallydevoted for #worldbreastfeedingweek you can read it here"

Listen above to hear her full discussion with Tammy and Clint on the matter this morning.