Jacinda needs to do a George FM hot set or resign as leader of the Labour Party

Breakfast 13/09/2017

George FM Breakfast has been on a hunt to get labour party leader Jacinda Ardern into the studio to perform a Hot Set. The team invited her back in August when she replaced Andrew Little as the leader. 

If anyone would do a hot set, its Jacinda, she’s played at Laneway a couple of years ago so we know she can do it and we’re sure it’d be fire.

We also have New Zealand’s premier political commentator Patty Gower on board too. On the 11th of August, Patty was just as stoked as us for Jacinda to perform a hot set; you can check out that interview here.

Finally, Jacinda has agreed to be on the show on Wednesday next week, but her PR person has told the team “NO MIXING”...boo!

Now that “Big Blue Balls Bill English” is back on top of the polls Patty’s message is clear:

Do the George FM hot set or resign as leader of New Zealand Labour Party

If she doesn’t come to do the hot set and fails to mix she won’t be the Labour Leader for long.

Clint’s been putting two and two together, and the trend is clear:

She went up in the polls when it was rumoured she was going to do the hot set…

…Since that heat has dropped off, she’s slipped back in the polls

This can’t be a coincidence...

The George FM hot set will seal the deal on the election. The decks are open from 9-9.30am, we just need her!