Keen on a cougar or a silver fox? George listeners reveal how geriatric they'd go

Breakfast 21/09/2017

This morning on the show we were discussing how old you’d go.

The convo sparked after we found out that New Zealand's top “casual racist”, Julia Sloane from The Real Housewives of Auckland is set to release a documentary surrounding geriatric sex.

Kara reckons that dudes don’t like dating older ladies. George Clooney's still got it, how about Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep? 

Clint reckons Kara's wrong, even confessing he'd be down on 57-year-old Nigella Lawson. Ooosh Clint, you naughty boy.

Tammy and Clint both have a one-year age gap in their relationships, mean while Kara has a six-year difference.

So we decided to turn it to you guys, asking:

How old did you go?

Some of the texts were surprising, huge kudos to the NZ cougar game:

A 29 year age gap.

23 year gap with a bb on the way.

That's not my daddy? 

The experience paid off ;) 

When you're older then your stepmum.

The unexpected Christmas present...


"True blue cougar"

Sheesh mate, that's a time...

Damn Dad.  

The bonus when you can get a beer with her son afterwards.