Ling gives us a ‘totally non-bias’ review of each house on The Block

Breakfast 15/09/2017

This morning Lingo Lango from the block gave us a comprehensive and totally non-bias review of each house on the block.

This season of the block is coming to an end, which means no more Ling and Zing on our television screens.

We’re all going to miss Ling, but it looks like Clint is going to miss him a bit more than everyone else.

I haven’t had a Snapchat from you on the toilet in the last 24 hours

Anyway, here’s Ling’s verdict for each house: 

House 4 – No linen cupboard = no good.

House 3 – Would be better as a sauna.

House 2 – The 70’s just rang and they want their house back.

House 1 – The biggest and best, the one with the view, a bloody fantastic washing line too.

It’s also good to note that Ling and Zing's house comes with a fully motorised chilly bin.