One in four guys have faked an orgasm

sex 27/09/2017

Sometimes ladies fake. We all know that. Study after study continuously proves most women have done it, at least once.

What's not such a commonly talked about phenomenon?

The male faker. 

Yes, recent research has found one in four men have ejaculated LIES. 

The first question that pops in to my mind is  "how?"

How do dudes hide the fact that nothing's come out? 

While doing my own research, a MediaWorks employee came (excuse the pun) forward and admitted he'd faked it just the other night. 

"Well, I'd already finished three times, I'd had enough, so just faked it on the fourth round, bedsheets were already -"

Buh-dup-dup-dup-dup. That's enough detail mate.

My next burning question is "why"?

In general, people fake either; because they get something out of it, they think their partner will get something out of it, or the sex just isn't going to do it. 

But there is a difference between why men and women fake.

They categorised fakers into six groups - both male and female.

1. The "It feels good" faker
(sometimes if you tell yourself happy, you feel happy?)

2. The "I do it for them" faker
("Don't wanna hurt their feelings if I don't get there"... "It makes them mad horny when I finish")

3. The "I'm just not that into it " faker
("Okay this was fun for the first 30... now I'm bored... we're not in a marathon. Got shit to do... ")

4. The "emotional connection" faker
("It's how I express my love for them" or "It makes me feel emotionally closer with my partner")

5. The "I'm insecure" faker
(Might make my partner think I'm shit? They might insist on continuing until I do... and I just don't think I'm gonna, but if I explain that they might get mad.) 

6. The "power hungry, manipulative fucker" faker
("I enjoy exerting dominance and control over my partner... and orgasming all over or in them is an excellent display of that..."

Women were most likely to fall into the "I do it for them" category, while males consistently fell into the "emtional connection," "I'm insecure" and the "I'm power hungry" categories.
Age also had an influence, with older adults usually faking to make their partners feel good, or connect with them. 

So. Is faking bad? 

We think it all comes down to your reasoning.

If you're doing it cause you think you have to or because the sex isn't good and it's with someone you'd like to continue screwing... well, faking is probably not going to help you. It'll make them think they're doing well, it'll set a standard for orgasm expectations, and it could even give you performance anxiety next time - so you'll have to continue faking... 

But if you're just having sex you'd rather not be having, and it's the easiest way for you to get out of it, we can appreciate that sometimes faking is the best course of action.

And if it truly makes you feel closer to your partner, or helps you enjoy the sex more, hell, why not. Poker-cum your heart out. 

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