Rotorua man forgets he sold his car while on the rinse, reports it stolen

Breakfast 06/09/2017

A Rotorua lad sold his car for $800 while on the rinse, reportedly so he could keep drinking. In the morning, he woke up with a black out from the night before and a missing car, so he hit up the police to report his car was stolen. 

The man who bought the car must have thought the price was too good to be true, so he checked the car on CarJam the next day and got a stolen car alert.

He also hit up the police, who then worked out what happened and told the two indivduals to sort it out themselves.  

While the message is usually don't drink and drive, Senior Sergeant Dennis Murphy of the Rotorua police said "The lesson here is don't drink and sell cars." 

Although if you sell it, your not going to be driving anywhere...