Calm down, the chipocalypse is fake news... kinda

News 16/10/2017

Over the weekend true horror struck our nation. No, not those nuclear threats North Korea made towards Australia. Not Winston Peters keeping the entire nation guessing over whether or not we're getting a stable goverment. Not the Puerto Rican crisis. Not the 65 million refuges in the world right now... 

Yeah, nah, shit might be going down in the world righrt now, but in little old NZ some signs went up on a few empty chippie shelves at Pak n'Save claiming that the Supermarket was running low on stock due to bad weather that had caused a potato shortage and that could mean no potato chips for Christmas. 


It was such huge news. New Zealand came to a standstill and then immediately u-turned back to their local supermarket and began stocking up on their favourite salt & vinegar coated carby treats.

The chipocalypse even made the lead story on the 6 o'clock news.

Now, guys, take a deep breath, don't choke on your chip, cause we're here to tell you to calm tf down. 
The two major supermarket chains (New World and Pak n'Save) have since come out and said potato chip supplies probs won't be effected by our potato shortage after all. 

Earlier today, Stuff reported on a statement from Foodstuffs' spokeswoman Antoniette Laird that said the sign was incorrect. 

Laird explained: "More information has come to light today. It turns out the store's sign was incorrect. Their issue was actually due to an ordering error," 

"We hold a lot of product in our distribution centres and so we aren't short at this stage,"

"We work with our supplier community to manage any supply and demand issues."

"The grower community is highlighting a potential future potato shortage due to the bad weather we've had this year.

"This has not impacted our business as yet, and we are working with our suppliers to minimise any potential impact."

Countdown has also come out and said they're not worried about any chip shortage so "chill Winston, chip is good," (paraphrased).
Alright. Alright.

Good to know.

But I'm still buying seven packs of those delicious Greek Tzatiki Delisio chips on my way home tonight. Just in case. Because even though there are much more important things to worry about, munchies are a basic human right. 

And by basic I don't mean essential. And I am okay with the human being that I am.