We'll get to vote on legalising weed for personal use in the next three years

weed 20/10/2017

Just over 12 hours after Winnie announced the new Government, and handed the party pants over to Jacinda, we've learned that as part of Labour's agreement with the Greens, they've promised a public referendum for personal cannabis use by the 2020 election.

NZ Herald reports on Greens leader James Shaw's stance: 

"The prohibition model hasn't work, plus it puts the entire trade into the hands of gangs.

"If you had a regulated market, the same way we do with alcohol and tobacco, you can control the price, advertising, point of sale, quality, and run full public health education campaigns."

Legalising weed has been part of the Greens party policy for the last 20 years. They argue that it should be treated as a health issue not a criminal one. 

Not arguing with that.