Man locked in beer chiller over night, algood, just got on the piss

Breakfast 01/11/2017

Earlier this week, a Wisconsin man named Jeremy Van Ert got locked inside a beer chiller for over six hours. Jeremy made the best of his situation.

Having walked in to the Kwik Fridge beer chiller at 11.50pm, when the doors locked behind Jeremy at midnight, he decided to stay and drink rather than try and gain one of the Kwik Trip employees attention.

Fair call mate.

He was left alone with the beer until a fellow customer walked in at 6am and let him out, following which he immediately walked striaght out of the store. 

In his six hours of chill, he managed to polish off a large beer beer and three cans of "malt beverage", he also knocked over a stack of 30-can beer pack and broke thre cases open.  

When questioned by police Jeremy said "he just wanted beer". He's now facing retail theft charges.

If anything, sounds like he shoulda drunk more.

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