Two major North Island roads have a 110km/h speed limit from today

News 11/12/2017

The speed limit on two major sections of road in the North Island is rising to 110km/h today.

The stretches are 15km of the Tauranga Eastern Link toll road between the Paengaroa roundabout and Domain Rd interchange and 16km of the Waikato Expressway between the Cambridge Southern and Tamahere interchanges.

The changes were announced by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) in November after a period of consultation, and will come into effect today.

The rise from the usual 100km/h open road limit is controversial but the NZTA says they are two of the safest roads in New Zealand - with features such as median-barriers, no crossing roads, no tight curves and two lanes in each direction.

NZTA says it's important people remember that all speed limits are the maximum speed for safe travel in ideal conditions and drivers should adjust depending on weather conditions, traffic volumes and other factors.