Contiki proves travel makes you a better person - and better at your job!

travel 01/12/2017

We all have that one mate who won't shut up about how travel has "changed" them, to which we usually just roll our eyes. But it turns out it's been proven that travel does actually make you a better person.

Contiki set out on a mission to find out whether travel creates better humans, and what they found was pretty interesting.

Their Power of Travel study compared the personality traits and values of nearly 3000 travellers and non-travellers (those who have never left their home country) from NZ, Aus, the UK, the US, Canada and South Africa, and here's what they found:

  • Travellers are 43% more likely to be satisfied with their employment opportunities
  • Travellers are 25% more likely to set goals for themselves and regularly achieve them
  • 75% of travellers indicated that they are more confident because of travel, and perform well on different types of tasks
  • 62% of travellers indicated that travel has increased their tenacity when faced with difficult situations
  • Travellers are more likely to be willing to take risks or accept new challenges (73%, compared to 50% non-travellers)
  • Travellers are 19% more likely to be happy

So yeah, that's some pretty solid proof that travelling is actually top-notch for growing as a person, becoming happier and making you heaps better at your job.

That's an excuse for a holiday if we've ever heard one - so go on, get out there and soak up that sweet culturey goodness - just don't be a wanker about it upon your return.