Well it's official, study reveals Hamilton is the horniest city in NZ


The sex lives of Kiwis are the focus of a new survey by a sex toy retailer - which shows where in New Zealand people are having the best sex.

Adulttoymegastore and Colmar Brunton surveyed more than 1500 New Zealanders on their sex lives, including the amount they're having and how good it is.

According to the sex survey results, fifty percent of New Zealanders are happy with their sex lives and the frequency they have sex. The other half? Not so much.

Those who are happy with their sex lives are having sex once or twice a week on average, and those who are unhappy with their sex lives are having sex less than once or twice a month.

Kiwis would like to be having sex two to three times a week, and more than half of New Zealanders agree that great sex is key to a happy relationship.

People living in Hamilton are having the most sex (three or more times a week on average), while people living in Tasman, Nelson and Marlborough are having the least sex - three times a year or less on average.

However, having the most sex doesn't necessarily equal sexual satisfaction. Hawke's Bay is ranked the most sexually satisfied region, where people are having sex once or twice a week on average.

Otago is the least sexually satisfied region, and residents are having sex once a week on average.

The average unsatisfied Kiwi is likely to be aged between 35 and 39, and "unconfident with their sexual performance".  One in six Kiwis have sex less than once a year, and one in six people think their sex life is monotonous and boring.