There's a $60,000 job (plus expenses) to live up large in Cancun going, and you can apply for it

job 17/11/2017
@cancundotcom Instagram

'Cancundotcom' is looking for a new "CEO", which sounds a hell of a lot more difficult than it is, less of a "CHEIF EXECUTIVE OFFICER", more of a "CANCUN EXPERIENCE OFFICER". 

Here's the job description: We are seeking an outgoing, authentic, and dynamic individual (or team) to represent the amazing destination of Cancun as our CEO – Cancun Experience Officer. As the CEO, you’ll be sent to live in one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet for six months to tell stories through videos, photographs, and words. You’ll get paid to dive into the culture, charm, and wonder of Cancun and share your experiences with a worldwide audience.

Fuck this 9-5 noise. Cancun we're coming for ya.