Well, well tradies, Mercedes just announced their ute prices

Drive 22/11/2017

Mercedes-Benz Vans have announced the Kiwi prices for their X-Class ute, ranging from $53,330 to $69,000, with thirteen variants of three different models. 

There's the "Pure" for traditional hard yakka work vechicles, the "Progressive" for a ute with a focus on "comfort" and the top-of-the-range "Power" models, which driven.co.nz explains are "aimed at urban lifestyles."

Why someone needs a $69,000 ute whilst driving the streets of Grey Lynn is, erm, interesting.

But not judging here... much. 

With New Zealand's top selling ute currently sitting as the Ford Ranger with an entry point of $47,040... we wanna know Tradies? Would ya upgrade the Ranger to one of these bad boy Mercedes utes? 

They're set to go on sale April 2018.  Read the full specs on the utes here.