Twitter is just as mad as you are about that BS Ed Sheeran GOT cameo

Game of Thrones 18/07/2017

"When you think you're safe from Ed Sheeran but he even weasels his way into the seven kingdoms of Westeros." - @AdamOhReilly

WARNING: If you haven't watched S7 EP1 yet, there's gonna be some spoilers here, so, maybe make like a baby and head out of this page... Or just pull an Ed Sheeran and delete your Twitter.  

Everything was going well... In probably the greatest opening scene the show has ever had, Arya Stark disguised herself as Walder Frey, brutally poisoned all of his men and then ripped her face off, cause: "The North never forgets" and "Winter came for House Frey."


About time. Knew you were my favourite Stark for a reason. 

If Arya kills Ed Sheeran this will be the best Game of Thrones ever. - @SamuelAdams

We got some sibling tension and banter from team Sansa-Jon and team Cersei-Jamie. 

And a sprinkling of Daenerys action.

Then BAM. In a ridiculously pointless moment of  "comic relief" (at a stretch), Ed Sheeran starts singing in the woods, and Arya's all like "that's a cool song". 

Then in the most sell-out moment of GOT history, Ed Sheeran turns to the camera and is like "Yeah, it's a new one." - (buy your copy on iTunes or stream on Spotify or Apple Music). 

Ed proceeded to invite Arya to hang out with him and his fellow soldier homeboys, gave Arya a dead squirrel, and then creepily watched her eat it.


Game of Thrones: we're a prestige show pls take us seriously. Game of Thrones: Here's Arya eating a suirrel next to Ed. - @grinchhands 

Just what...



GOT, we love you, but the only way coming you're back from this is if Ed's creepy staring escalates into creepy touching, and then Arya decapitates the world's favourite singing ginger in episode 2...

But rumour has it, that's it. That's his cameo done and dusted.

And the internet is freaking out. 

Shout outs to Daniel Rutledge from Newshub for putting us on to this one.

Here are some of the funnier tweets:

Cameos on Shorty Street, Home & Away, The Simpsons, Family Guy... we don't care Ed, fufill your TV extra dreams. 


But Game of Thrones... Game of Thrones is sacred... 

What were the writers thinking? 

Also, we weren't kidding, Ed's actually deleted his Twitter today. 

Touch sensitive, aye mate? It was a shit cameo. But that's not on you, you didn't write it. 

With all that said, can't wait for next Monday, which holds a new, presumably Sheeran-free GOT episode. 

And more importantly, Daenerys is in Dragonstone. It only took six seasons for Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons, to finally land in Westeros. 

But she's there and she's ready "to get started." 


Roisin Kelly.
(AKA Ro the web girl)