Following the Manchester bombing, all Live Nation events have new strict security measures

Breakfast 25/05/2017

Above George Breakfast gets a Kiwi perspective, and former boss of George FM, Andy Mac, who is on the ground at Manchester. 

Following the Manchester bombings, Live Nation, one of the world’s biggest concert promoters is tightening their security, big time.

They issued a notice earlier today in regards to their upcoming events. Which will extend to Live Nation events here.

“Due to enhanced security procedures, no bags or backpacks will be permitted into the venue except for small personal bags or purses (12″x12″x6″ max) or clear 1 gallon bags.”

It might sound a bit full on, but gigs could well continue being targeted by Islamic extremists.

Music has always been a forum for people to express creativity, unity and - most dangerously for authoritarian regimes, like the Islamic State - protest, both politically and sexually.

Unfortunately for Grande, she fell very neatly into the latter.

Athough, make no mistake, almost EVERYTHING about Western music, according to the purist, oldest Koran, favoured by the Islamic state, is haram (i.e forbidden). 

So, you can see where Live Nation is coming from... Big, upcoming, electronic festivals (Lollapalooza, Governor’s Ball, EDC Vegas) are hardly going to have Islam extremists frothing in the same way as the rest of us…

They’re a place for thousands of young women (and men) to sing, dance, gurn and express their sexuality.

Recent speculations have surfaced around Ariana Grande’s concert being very specifically targeted, as Grande could be viewed as a symbol of all things Islamic fundamentalists hate - a young, hyper sexualised singer with her fishnet stockings and “dangerous woman” mantra all wrapped up in one bunny eared package …

Independent woman spreading their message of sexuality and power could be considered threatening to the severe, religious, male authority and control practised in the Islamic State. 

So, although cues might be a drag, people's safety is paramount, and with our very own Haylee Clarke heading to Vegas soon for EDC, we couldn’t be more stoked to hear event organisers are dialling their security game up.

If you’re going abroad to enjoy any of the upcoming festivals, avoiding bringing a bag to the shows is highly recommended.

The full reach and effect and duration, of the new security procedures is currently unknown.

Live Nation events include Austin City Limits, Bonaroo, EDC Vegas, EDC Orlando, Electric Forest, Hard Summer, Governor’s Ball, Lollapalooza and more.