Benny Boy proves those Maori names aren't that hard to say

News 02/05/2017

About 18km of SH1 is set to become local roads once the $630 million Kapiti expressway north of Wellington gets cranking. 

It's been proposed this stretch of road should be broken into seven sections and renamed after the Maori ancestors from the specific areas.  

Despite the fact that most of New Zealand already has Maori place names, there's been public outcry, the Media's been having a raging bitchfit, people are claiming these new names are too hard to pronounce, impossible even.

The whole renaming experience has been dubbed "PC gone haywire."

Well, Clint pointed out: "We're the media, and we have a say don't we?"

Maybe not say, but we're allowed an opinion. So you know what, those names aren't too hard to pronounce, you're just bloody racist. 

On Breakfast this morning, we proved it, by getting Ben Walker, a self-proclaimed "Tip-Top, thick cut, slice of white toast" to have a go at pronouncing the names on air.

If he can do it, anyone can.  


Between Paekakariki and Mackays Crossing becomes Hurumutu Rd

Between Poplar Ave to Kapiti Rd becomes Hokowhitu Rd

Between Paraparaumu north and the Waikanae River becomes Rauoterangi Rd

Main road through Waikanae becomes Kakakura Rd

Between Waikanae and Peka Peka becomes Unaiki Rd

Hadfield Rd connection becomes Katu Rd

Between Peka Peka Road and Te Kowhai Rd becomes Matene Te Whiwhi Rd