Earn some extra dosh with 'Uber for job seekers' app

App 01/12/2017

Chrissy's coming up, so if you're tight on cash then it might be time to get involved in the new app 'Kwota', which is being described as "uber for job seekers".

Basically the app allows Kiwis to post odd jobs they need doing, they job seekers can bid on how much they will do the job for. Typical jobs range from mowing lawns, picking up and dropping off miscellaneous items and even naked life modelling. 

We can imagine a few more unique jobs will pop up every now and then, like the user who was looking for two actors to act as horses for a Melbourne Cup party - not the kind of getting horsed we had in mind for that day, but if it pays the bills... 

Kwota was launched 3 months ago by locals David Nixon and Michael Batty. Nixon described the app as a platform allowing Kiwis to make money and also save time.

The app runs on a similar business model as Uber, where they take a 15% commission from the pay it's workers receive, in exchange for the platform. Other than that its free to use - you just have to set yourself up with an IRD number. 

To keep trouble at bay, Kwota uses a star rating system: "Workers received a star rating for their work, similarly to Uber, and then others can choose them for their own jobs based on this" Nixon says.

So if you've got some free time coming up over summer, or need some odd jobs done, this little app is probably gonna be pretty useful for ya.