Facebook turned off their robots after they started communicating in their own language

Facebook 01/08/2017

Forget the Zombie Apocalypse. Winter's already here.

It's the robots that the masses are increasingly afraid of these days...   

Flight of the Conchords called it almost a decade ago.


Okay, not yet. Obviously.

But, there's a shit load of people suffering from robophobia who genuinely believe one day, not too far away, Artificial Intelligence will go all Ex Machina on us and rise up and kill us all - or at least wipe most of us out and then turn a few survivors into slaves to do their freaky robot bidding... 

If these are the kind of thoughts that keep you up at night, then you're in the robophobia cult and this latest news from Facebook will probably not sit too well... 

The social media giant recently created two machines named Alice and Bob.

But things went from 0-100 real fuckin quick when the two robots started making up code words. 

Metro reports the weird Frankenstein-esque language turn unnerved the researching scientists so much so they switched the robots off.

These code words were initially ridden off as a glitchy gibberish, before the scientists realised the machines had made their own language, were communicating with only each other, and were using terms in their code that referred to their 'personal self.'

Reportedly, Bob and Alice ditched English after they realised they could communicate more effectively through a "shorthand." 

In one of the robot conversations Facebook has disclosed to the public, Bob's code translated to: "I can i i everything else," to which Alice responded "balls have zero to me to me to me…" 

Researchers believe they were discusing how many of something they should take, hence the repitition of personal pronouns.  

This was getting a little too Westworld for Facebook's liking and they switched the robots off real quick. 

Google on the otherhand experienced a similar pattern with their own AIs last year, but were less freaked out and have kept their machines running... 

The chief engineer at Google, Ray Kurzweil reckons robots "will reach human intelligence by 2029."

Don't know how I feel about that Google... 

The robophobia is real. 

Roisin Kelly
(Ro the web girl)