Farmer dies after pig bites off his penis and three fingers

Breakfast 21/06/2017

A man, Miguel, aged 60, has died after he engaged in a "playfight' with his pet pig who then bit off his penis and a few of his fingers 

He didn't die from the penis removal, he died from the infection. Cause pigs are grubby.

Hey farmers, or well... anyone with a pet pig. Don't get pissed and then go home and have a "play fight" with your piggy.

Hadn't Migurel seen those movies where people get rid of bodies by feeding them to the pigs?  They'll eat you.

Two things from Clint: 

1. Don't fight a pig... The pig didn't do anything to you. And second of all..

2. There had to be some dodgy shit going on for the pig to be able to access his penis. Sounds like someone's been watching a little too much Black Mirror...

Don't tell me the pig can bite your penis off through your jeans.

Here's a few of the stellar thoughts you guys sent through to the text machine on the matter:

As always, thanks for your input. 

And guys, please don't fight, play fight, or fuck pigs.