Funnels at the ready, Jack Daniel's is creating whiskey infused coffee

News 09/02/2018

Jack Daniel's has jumped on the coffee bandwagon and started making that tastes like whiskey.

Photo credit: Jack Daniel's

While the coffee is infused with caramel and vanilla like in Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey - the coffee is non-alcoholic. So it tastes like whiskey but there isn't any booze. It's also kosher. Unsure of how that applies to coffee but it's nice that they thought of it.

Photo credit: Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniels has even brought out a decaf coffee. That seems unnatural, surely a whiskey flavoured coffee should have some sort of kick in it, even if it's only caffeine.

Word's out on whether your breath will smell like booze after you've had a few cups but most customers seem pretty chuffed at having a product based on alcohol and coffee.