George listeners respond to the Kiwis' cocaine scandal

cocaine 08/05/2017

So, it's alleged over the weekend, after getting annihilated by the Kangaroo's in the ANZAC test, Kiwis' captain Jesse Bromwich and fellow team mate Kevin Proctor (who has since stood down), were caught buying and snorting cocaine outside a nightclub. 

Kara pointed out: "Fair enough, you're dissappointed you lost, you want to go out with your mates, you want to take cocaine." 

Don't go and buy it yourself. Get someone else to buy it and then take it when you're not on a CCTV camera.

 God damn rookies.

It seems as though cocaine use is a reoccurring problem for Rugby League.  

A couple weeks ago, another (former) Kiwis' player Shaun Kenny Dowall got arrested for cocaine possession, plus the CHAIRMAN for the Sharks was arrested for cocaine charges over the weekend AS WELL. 

However, when it comes to rugby players and all things naughty, the nation tends to be divided into two groups. 

1. Bunch of dickheads. Supposed to be rolemodels. They're over there representing the country. They get paid too much to be this effing stupid.


2. It's not like they're doing it before the game though. They're having a night out with the lads. Sure snorting cocaine is illegal... but so many people do it. They're not shining beacons of society, they're GD rugby players.

While Clint, Ben and Kara took their retrospective sides on the matter, we thought we'd put it out to George listeners to hear your thoughts. And you did not hold back, here's what came through on the text machine: 

George Breakfast also discussed the possibility that perhaps Rugby League doesn't have the same support and control around their partying that Rugby Union tends to have and that's why they get such bad press. 

Clint pointed out: "The boys probably do deserve a blow out, and need a blow out."

"This is what the All Blacks do. Win or lose, the guys are allowed a blow out, but the team organises it, the management organise it. So, where ever they're staying, at the hotel, they book out the function room and that's where they go for their team thing.  
Remember, Tana Umaga and the whole handbag situation? The players were involved in getting bashed by a hand bag. All Blacks on the piss. Doug Howlett jumping on cars..." 

"So the All Blacks have gone: 'okay, our boys are gonna get on the piss after this. They're rugby players at the end of the day. They're not gonna be 100% knowledgable on what they're doing. Let's do it in a controlled enviroment. They can invite their partners and their friends but they do it under our supervision'."  

Does Rugby League New Zealand have a responsibility to look after their players better?

What do you think?