Grammys offer kinda suss explanation for why Lorde didn't perform, and we ain't buying it

music news 30/01/2018

Lorde was the only 'Album of the Year' nominee denied a performance at last nights 60th Annual Grammy Awards, and the award show's producer has just addressed why.

The producer of the Grammy Awards has addressed the decision not to grant Album of the Year nominee Lorde a solo performance spot, saying that there simply wasn’t enough space to incorporate one of her tunes into the broadcast.

Speaking to Variety after the event, Ken Erlich said: “I don’t know if it was a mistake” to run the show without a live cut from Melodrama, but said the decision was one of necessity.

These shows are a matter of choices. We have a box and it gets full.

Maybe the Grammy snub was a bit of a 'fuck you' after turning down a performance as part of an ensemble in a package honouring late American muso Tom Petty, as each of her fellow Album of the Year nominees were granted the space to perform their own songs.