Green Party's medicinal marijuana Bill failed at first reading

News 01/02/2018

Chloe Swarbrick's medicinal cannabis Bill has been defeated at first reading, going down with 47 votes for and 73 votes against.

The Member's Bill was originally written by Associate Minister of Health Julie Anne Genter but taken over by Ms Swarbrick.

The Green Party backed Bill would have gone further than the Government's current medicinal cannabis Bill, which passed its first reading on Tuesday

 It would have allowed anyone suffering a terminal or debilitating illness to use cannabis and had provisions for people to grow their own cannabis for medicinal uses.

Ms Swarbrick said she was "gutted" the Bill did not make it past the first reading.

"I'm gutted that cynical politics won tonight, not the voices of the vulnerable and the sick who are presently being criminalised because of archaic law demonstrably unfit for purpose," she wrote.

"With 78 percent of NZers in favour of the premise of our Bill and just 39 percent of MPs voting for it, this has demonstrated we're far from a House of Representatives."

The Bill was a conscience vote, but National MPs aside from a select few voted along party lines.

All Green MPs, most of Labour and Act's David Seymour voted for the Bill. The against votes were mostly from the National Party and NZ First where all but a few voted against.

Yesterday, just before the bill was voted on, Chloe took to The AM Show claiming that recent developments had made things "really interesting" over the past 24 hours:

Source: Newshub.