How often does the average Kiwi man change their undies?

weird shit 28/03/2017

Kara stumbled across an article yesterday, where a lady discovered her boyfriend only owned three pairs of underpants and he only changed them every few days. 

His excuse? "I'm not a girl, I don't need to change them every day." 

Kara was disgusted.  

Clint and Pax assured her this was not the norm, and that they were both 'new day, fresh pair' kinda guys. 

"If there's any sports involved, I'm a two pair a day man," Clint added.  

Then to our shock and horror, Ben the producer stepped up to the mic with an underwear changing confession: "Maybe once every three days, and then I'll just turn them inside out." 

Good God. We work with this man.

"I owned two pairs of underwear, until yesterday, which was my birthday, when my Mum bought me two new ones, which I'll wear for the next week, because they're new ones."   

Clint asked: "Is changing your underwear once a day.. Am I being some kind of snob here? I don't think I am..."  

So, we decided to poll our listeners, and turns out a whole load of you are changing your underwear a whole lot less than we thought you would be... Listen above.