Chch residents outraged by local 'young people' smoking bongs and playing loud dub music near their homes

Breakfast 16/06/2017

The people of Huntsbury Hill are not happy about a growing scene of young people parking up in their cars, playing dirty dub and smoking bongs in plain site. 


George Breakfast reckons it's porobably an affluent af area of Christchurch, with a mean as view of the city, perfect for those car blazes, where you park up somewhere with a dope view so you can feel like you're looking over the world and then sit there and ponder the meaning of life. 

Here's a thought, how do these old, rich, white people even know that it's dub music?

"It's just got really loud bass and it effects our television watching. They can hear the deep thumping bass." 

One resident said" "I've been up there and I parked next to a boy who was smoking a bong, and HE DIDN'T EVEN CARE!"

"What did they want him to do? Offer them some?" ponders Clint.

"Puff puff pass, mate."

That's the one Tammy, that's the one.

These outraged residents have also made complaints about people coming on to their property to use their hoses to fill up their bongs.

Well, no one likes stale bong water now do they. 

And one person'shas reported their hose growing incrementally shorter and shorter...

Listen to George Breakfasts full take on the story above.