John Oliver rips the piss out of NZ again, this time over the awkward Eminem court case

Vids 09/05/2017

Congrats New Zealand, we've made it. Again.

Nothing gets this weird little country of ours jacked up and fizzing like somebody from overseas saying our name and talking about us.

This time, it's Last Week Tonight talk show host, John Oliver.

It's not the comedian's first time taking aim at New Zealand. He famously ripped out John Key for admitting he wees in the shower, and this time he has his four eyes set on the recent Eminem court case, where a judge and bunch of lawyers awkwardly stood around listening to Lose Yourself.

"That's the greatest thing I've ever seen," he claims.

He goes on.

Some define comedy as tragedy plus time, but for me the purest definition is a middle-aged kiwi in a robe playing Eminem 'Lose Yourself' to a completely silent and motionless courtroom.

Oliver then ended the bit, expressing how he wants him to "describe every single iconic rap song in history" - watch the clip to see more.

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