Kim Dotcom's fuming after seized goods return looking rank as fuck

News 17/01/2018

Kim Dotcom is furious, after waiting six years for his property to be returned, only to find it "rotten and destroyed" on delivery. 

Mr Dotcom, born Kim Schmitz, had all property from his Hong Kong penthouse apartment seized by US court order in 2011. 

Today, the property came back covered in mold and "destroyed". Mr Dotcom tweeted his outrage and posted pictures of his ruined property, claiming he was charged for "climate controlled storage" of his assets. 

"The US Govt made me pay for 'climate controlled' storage over the last 6 yrs for all my seized Hong Kong stuff. It's obvious that there was no climate control and my stuff was rotting in Hong Kong humidity. All destroyed. Even the editing suite with 600 hours of family footage."

The embattled internet millionaire was particularly aggrieved at the loss of his "favourite gaming chair", which was now more green than black with rampant mold. 

He also posted a video showing some of the damage to the editing suite containing prized family footage.

Mr Dotcom was the founder of MegaUpload, a video-sharing site that became the centre of a massive copyright lawsuit and resulted in a dramatic 2012 police raid on his New Zealand residence. 

At its peak, MegaUpload was estimated to be the 13th-most popular site on the internet and responsible for 4 percent of all internet traffic.

Source: Newshub.