Have you ever been in a serious shituation?

weird shit 30/03/2017

Like they say: “when you gotta go, you gotta go.”

Kara started a yarn this morning about the ‘poop in the Coke can’ scandal currently gripping Northern Ireland.

If you haven’t heard about this, essentially a Coca Cola factory found human faeces INSIDE some of their Coke cans that had arrived from a German supplier they hadn’t used before.

It’s speculated that the cans were on a lorry where immigrants were also on board travelling. Over the long journey across Europe, the immigrants could have taken to making chocolate rain in the can.    

We’ve heard people refer to toilets as “cans” before… maybe there was some miscommunication?

The incident is isolated, so don't panic, that can of Coke you had with your kebab for lunch today was 100% fecal matter free. 

Anyway, Kara shared a couple empathetic emergency poop stories for the immigrants on air. In the first story, Kara was trapped in a drive-through and very, nearly soiled herself. Another time she was trapped in a holiday home with all toilets occupied. Desperate times called for desperate measures… so she took to honking out a butt gherkin in a rogue nappy.

Pax hit code brown on a water slide at Waiwera. Which definitely doesn't qualify as an emergency.

"That was a I'm having so much fun, it just came out."   

This probably wasn’t the best of chats to be broadcasting over the hours of breakfast time, however it appears we opened up Pandora’s Box… because the listener’s worst poop stories started flooding in.

Shit got messy so to speak.

Shout outs to the guy who baked a brownie in his pants during a board meeting with 30 people in the room and then had to politely excuse himself as the room started stinking up.

Listen to the worst places George listeners have contemplated their existence above.