Mammoth 'Game of Thrones' season eight spoiler punches us right in the sack

News 02/02/2018

Game of Thrones try so hard to keep shit on lockdown, but even HBO can’t hide its pride and joy from the public forever, not when there are legit thousands of people out here trying to suss out clues at any goddamn waking second of the day.

A lucky bystander has just caught a cheeky glimspe of the Game of Thrones set out in Belfast, revealing a big fuck-off, game-changing season eight spoiler.

You ready? You've beed warned.

This is what he spotted: Winterfell is burning. That shit is as lit as a birthday cake. The ancestral home of the Starks is going up in FLAMES.

George R.R. Martin always warned that the ending to his epic tale would be “bittersweet”, and burning the home of our original protagonists would achieve just that. 

Peter Dinklage also said it would be “heartbreaking.” Well guess what, YOU WEREN'T FUCKING LYING NOW WERE YA DINK.