Meth-fuelled wanking frenzy in West Auckland

Drugs 05/05/2017

Stanley Junior Broughton, the 23-year-old meth-fuelled masturbater who went on a wanking frenzy 'due to boredom' late last year, has been ordered to pay the emotional harm reparation of $500 to each of his three West Auckland victims. 

He was charged on Wednesday for three counts of indecent assault.

George Breakfast unpacked the story and Kara revealed she's been victim to a similar expeience, but didn't find the experience traumatising enough to want money. Listen above. 

Clint reckons they need to build more skate parks in West Auckland, (to prevent boredom).

Benny Boy advises: "maybe, just don't smoke meth."

Yeah. That sounds like a good idea. Cheers Benny.