Netflix dishes out a casual $53 million to get Kevin Spacey the fuck outta there

News 24/01/2018

Netflix has admitted to spending millions of dollars to remove Kevin Spacey from any future media broadcast on the platform.

The website has admitted to a taking an "unexpected" US$39 million (NZ$53 million) charge on content the production department has "decided not to move on with", CNN reports.

While the statement does not explicitly mention Spacey, CNN says a source close to the website says he was the source of the charge.

Two Netflix productions, series House of Cards and movie Gore, were affected by Netflix's decision to end its relationship with Spacey following sexual assault allegations.

Several people, beginning with Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp, accused Spacey of sexual assault, causing the actor to be written out of several productions.

House of Cards will now end after season six and Spacey's character Frank Underwood has been written out of the show.

Netflix opted to not release Gore, a biopic of actor Gore Vidal, and all his scenes from the Ridley Scott movie All the Money in the World were reshot with Christopher Plummer.

Source: Newshub.