There's a thing called 'Murderabila' and it's creepy AF


How much would you pay for Hitler's car? Or the David Bain rifle? 

Well there's a thing called 'Murderabila' and in light of OJ Simpson's release a whole bunch of his stuff is being auctioned off including his infamous Bronco he was seen trying to escape it.

Here's a list of 'Murderabila' that have sold for ridiculous amounts of money...

  • OJ’s Bronco: $750 - 1M
  • Hitler’s Mercedes Benz 770k: $10 Million
  • A brick from Osam Bin Laden's House? - 5cents (NB - the site is in Pakastan and it’s currently being used as a cricket putch for kids)
  • A Ted Bundy Christmas Card (signed by him): One sold for $5k and another is on sale for $3k
  • Charles Manson's hair: Locks of that sell regularly for around $800