These soundwave tattoos are about to blow TF up

tattoos 10/05/2017

Forget your mandalas, forget your floral sleeves, forget your suns and your moons and your tiny thin lines. Soundwave tattoos (of up to one minute of audio) could well take over the tat world.

Yes, tattoos you can literally hear – when scanned by an app on your mobile.

Combining super modern technology, with one of the oldest arts in the world. #2017.

The technology has been bought to life by an LA-based tattoo artist, Nate Siggard, who owns the company ‘Skin Motion.’

The app hasn’t officially been released yet, the plan is to make it available by June. Then Skin Motion wants to partner up with tattoo artists around the world who will gain certifcates to carry out the designs.

Would you get one? What sound would you get?

The hook to your all-time favourite banger? The roar of your dream car? Your missus’ reaching climax?

The options are endless.