This Kiwi artist is making the dopest one-of-a-kind hand painted t-shirts and we want them all

fashion 16/06/2017

'Tees By Diva' was launched a couple weeks ago, and we can't even deal with how cool these designs are.

Diva Ford, 22, a recent ELAM graudate has been on the grind like most of us creative types... 

You know. Smoking a heap of durries we can't really afford, eating a lot of Mum's spaghetti, and taking up a hospo job to get by.

But damn is she an aritst.

Her canvas' are stunning. But it's her t shirts that have really got our attention.

Each shirt is a completely original, one-of-a-kind design - so you'll never catch anyone wearing the same shirt as you at the party.

And she's sourced them from AS colour shirts, so they're damn good quality. Ranging in sizes from S-XL.

But get this.. she's selling them at just $60 a pop.

Get a load of a few of her designs below or check out her Instagram, and then cop one real quick, before Diva blows TF up.