Couple travel the world and make up to $12,000 per Gram

Instagram 05/04/2017

With all this gloomy weather, we thought why not add salt to this shit storm wound, and show you a banging couple hanging out in exotic locations, while completely winning the life lottery in all areas: genetics, occupation, romance...

God damn.

Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen met in Fiji last year and have since been documenting their travels, getting paid up to $9000 USD (that's over $12,000 NZD) per Instagram post, and refusing no less than $3000, from varying brand and tourism companies.

These big dollars cover their travel lifestyle AND pay for a beyond crazy homebase in Bali. 
Cruel world. Why you give us faces for radio... Insta fame sounds so sweet...

Prior to blowing up big on Instagram, Jack, 26, was a carpet cleaner, living in Manchester, England. Lauren, 23, is your classic Australian hottie, and worked as a self-taught photographer.   

Now days they travel to a new country at least once every month, shooting all their own photos with a simple SLR and tripod set-up. 

Jack also maintains a travel blog called DoYouTravel, where he recently shared some tips on how to propel yourself into Insta fame. 

“I edit all my photos in the same kind of style with my own lightroom presets,” he said of their dreamy ‘matching’ effect. He also added that the couple mostly shoots around 1 hour after sunrise, since that tends to be the quietest time of day." 

Aw yeah, might head down to Western Park, next to the George studios tomorrow morning and give it a crack? 

Dreams are free, right?

Alright. Now time for the beautiful people pictures you actually came from. But scroll through the below photos with caution, it's only going to make your day job and this shitty weather that much more unbearable...